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Smallholder Interim Group

Smallholder Interim Group

In July 2017, the RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) endorsed the RSPO Smallholder Strategy. It has three objectives, of which Objective two is to increase the number of smallholders in the RSPO system through the simplification of the certification approach and proactive engagements with pilots, such as jurisdictional approaches.

The Smallholder Interim Group (SHIG) started out as a subgroup, which was formed during the second Principles and Criteria (P&C) Review Task Force meeting in July 2017, consisting of smallholder representatives. The main objective of the group is to ensure that the adopted RSPO Smallholder Strategy (particularly its second objective) is effectively implemented, especially through the RSPO standards.


Substantive Members

Stakeholder Category



Smallholder (Indonesia) 

Darto Mansuetus Alsy Hanu 

Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit

Smallholder (Indonesia) 

Rukaiyah Rafiq 

Setara Jambi

Social NGO (Malaysia)

Sharyn Shufiyan

Wild Asia

Social NGO (Africa)

Rosemary Addico  


Social NGO

Marieke Leegwater


Oil Palm Grower (Malaysia)

Ismail Samingin


Oil Palm Grower (LatAm)

Jan Pierre Jarrin Peters


Oil Palm Grower (Papua New Guinea)

Ian Orrell

New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL)

Processor / Trader 

Perpetua George


Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Rauf Prasodjo


Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Ingrid Richardson


Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Kuan-Chun Lee


Bank / Financial Institution

Johan Verburg 


Oil Palm Grower (Malaysia)

Lee Kuan Yee


Oil Palm Grower (Malaysia)

Arvind Devadasan

M.P. Evans

Bank / Financial Institution

Teoh Cheng Hai

International Finance Corporation

Environmental NGO

Michael Guindon

Zoological Society of London

Terms of Reference and Meetings

When the RSPO’s Theory of Change was adopted in September 2017 and as also mentioned in the RSPO Smallholder Strategy, RSPO recognises the importance of getting more smallholders certified and improving their livelihood through a participatory approach, which is fundamental for the organisation to achieve its desired impact, As such, the SHIG was formed to ensure that the P&C review and the development of the new Independent Smallholder Standard is aligned with the objectives of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy and RSPO’s Theory of Change.


SHIG 6th Physical Meeting 24, 25, 26 June 2019
SHIG 5th Physical Meeting 11, 12, 13 March 2019
SHIG 4th Physical Meeting 10 November 2018
SHIG 3rd Physical Meeting 17 September 2018
SHIG 2nd Physical Meeting 17 May 2018
SHIG 1st Physical Meeting 26 February 2018

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