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RSPO Smallholder Strategy

It’s with the above in mind that the development of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy was prompted by the passing of Resolution 6f in the RSPO 12th General Assembly, November 2015. Since then, RSPO successfully engaged with relevant stakeholders to begin to understand and define the key elements of a strategy. From July through to October 2016, the RSPO Secretariat hosted four geographically inclusive workshops. The events were held in Jakarta, Netherlands, Ghana, and Honduras, with over 170 attendees from a wide range of stakeholder groups. Each workshop was facilitated by local, independent consultants to ensure inclusivity amongst stakeholders and to remove language barriers in communication.

In March 2017, the RSPO Board of Governors (BOG) approved the strategic framework that underpins the full RSPO Smallholder Strategy. Below is the overview of the RSPO Smallholder Strategy.

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RSPO Smallholder Strategy
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