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Introduction to Smallholders Certification

RSPO certification helps smallholders increase yields, penetrate international markets, improve their livelihoods, and reduce the risk of land conversion. Certification is a symbol of credibility and proof of sustainable practice in operations.

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Benefits to smallholders

management practices

Better quality
fresh fruit bunches (FFB)

Increased yield
and access to markets

Steps towards certification:

Form a group and assign a manager, whether an individual or an entity
Develop an Internal Control System (ICS) for group management
Facilitate training to ensure compliance with RSPO Principles & Criteria
Join RSPO as a member
Once ready, the Group Manager can approach a Certification Body for auditing

For smallholders, certification can be a complicated exercise, requiring funding, training, and guidance. This is why the RSPO Smallholder Support Fund (RSSF) has been established to aid smallholders through the process.